Merry Christmas from Brussels


Yes, we opened presents according to Belgian traditon on St Nicolas’ feast day, which is 6 December in Belgium. It’s 5 December in the Netherlands. Does anyone know why?

Autumn has arrived

The chill is in the air, and soon Jack Frost will be out again painting windows before dawn. In honour of that, yesterday on my birthday I finished pants number 5 from my trusty one-dot (very easy) Burda pattern. They are in a dark sage green cotton twill, with a subtle tone-on-tone satin stripe that had been mouldering in the stash for two years. It was advertised in a fabric store recently as a Levi’s brand fabric at € 11/m, although I got it at the fabric buyout store for a cheap € 5/m.
You know, this pattern might be getting a little repetitive but there is something to be said for the fabric stash steadily reducing and my closet filling up! Next up is a finewale pine green corduroy. Then I will have not one but *two* pairs of green pants from the same pattern, but at least my stash of trouser fabric will be 100% depleted! Yessss! Uh, I already have plans to hit the fabric store, um, today after I go to city hall to pick up a document. It’s on the way back home, after all… and I can’t wear green pants every day. No. Teaching starts tomorrow and wearing linen is really pushing it! I found a two-dot Burda pattern that I plan to break out and start fresh for the new pairs, although a factory mindset might take place if I get desperate for trousers this week.

Yes I should wear a skirt once a week but I am a bike commuter! It isn’t convenient to change at work, thus…

It was chilly enough last night while touring the Belgian medieval city of Ghent to make me wish I had sewn inseam pockets into my pants. Huh… maybe… on pair nine or something 😛 Meanwhile I felt I did enough extra effort as it were to sew in twill tape around the rear crotch seam. I don’t know if it’s due to biking building up my derrière, or the tilting forward bike position, but that seam shows strain on one other pair I made in linen. As a teacher, you have to turn around in front of an audience as part of your career, and you do not want to hesitate about doing so!

Dol sot bibimbap with Bonnie

My amiga Bonnie is a Canuck and another former resident of Korea. Like me, she’s fallen in love with the cuisine so on Saturday night we indulged in some dol sot bimbimbap (hot stone ‘bibimbap’ / mixed rice). Hers featured the traditional fried egg on top, which I added too soon so you see the yolk got cloudy as it cooked too thoroughly.

Saturday approaches!

Whiskey tango foxtrot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting readyt o MOVE again! My brother gave me the book ‘Contact’ when I was at the Chicago airport, en route to my first foray abroad for my senior year in Korea. He deidcated it on 25 August 1997. Ten years and a day later I’m going to country number six! Sugar honey iced tea!

Freak-out stage is here. Going to calmly go upstairs now and do some work.

Stevie Nicks Remix’d

I luuuuuuuuvvv Stevie Nicks remix’d; especially Deep Dish’s redux of ‘Dreams’
I heard this yesterday in Amsterdam at Claire’s jewelry shop and I can’t get it out of my mind. I heard it last summer in Arnhem (NL) too at home. Claire’s, you say? Yes, Claire’s! I used to frequent it at the Lansing Mall when I was growing up in Michigan. The store finally made it over to Europe.
Dutch do techno best, IMO; but my friend Bruno told me that Belgium invented techno(!)

From last summer in NL too: I heard a superb remix of ‘Stand Back’ but I haven’t found it again. It was probably just a dj spinning it live on the radio. Here’s a decent remix, tho’

In other news, it’s vacation and I have an upcoming international move (#6) in 6 days. THUS! It’s sewing time again! It would sure be swell to have some new clothes for Hong Kong. Burda 7937 made it back to the cutting board, re-traced to include sleeves (I caved), altered, cut out, and all edges zipped through the serger. Now. Onto more construction. If I play my cards right I *could* be wearing it tonight.
Going to play Deep Dish does Nicks again, for inspiration!

Jingly Twinkles…

Nu Shooz

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Here’s my little Pomeranian from Taiwan, Jing-Jing, proudly showing off the colors of my new Italian cowboy boots bought in the Netherlands and worn by an American. Who’da thunk? Behind me you see a granite plaque with ‘formosa’ engraved in it, my father-in-law Jerome Symons made it during his residence in Taiwan (Formosa) a decade ago.