On the 30-Day Perfect Pair Kettlebell Challenge, and it’s hard!

Photo from gb Kettlebell Workouts

Looks like the photo isn’t showing–just as well, it’s woman with ripped abs and that’s not me, nor do I really want to promote body types that may need unusual upkeep to obtain and/or maintain (not saying that ripped abs is unhealthy, it’s healthy but msot of us women would need to dedicated significant resources to have and keep them).

Really fell for kettlebells since they give a good workout so quickly, and don’t need a lot of equipment so I can really do them at home. With two toddlers being able to work out at home is a big plus. Childcare is just too expensive otherwise. I’m ready to lose the baby weight!

On the sewing front two weekends ago I made three maternity skirts from an old Burda magazine, and started drafting a maternity trouser when the person I was sewing it for unfortunately had a miscarriage. There’s been a lot of hand-holding and now things are better. Just to clear my head of the sewing sadness I started a new dress. A new dress can do wonders for a girl 🙂 It’s the classic Vogue 8379 wrap dress which I canned in 2012 mid-sew on a muslin fabric that I really disliked. This version is inspired by Allison C’s version, and even uses a fabric that I bought when we met and I lived in Hong Kong in 2008. Doesn’t Allison look great in her dress?

The fabric was on the Too Good to Sew list (not anymore!) So for now the skirt panels and dress ties are finished, now the bodice needs some work.

I’ve been offline recently but enjoying my new job. DH and I are on the market for buying a home, and it’s a great time to buy.


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