Back in the saddle again

In process2013-02-11 16.00.16

Don’t you love a new spring wardrobe?

For Valentine’s Day yesterday, I got a new job! It’s not just any job. I changed career tracks and now have my dream job. Did I mention the 80% after-tax salary raise from mmy current job? Start date is in two weeks on March 1. Yippee!

So I jumped hastily back in the sewing saddle again for some deadline sewing. With what else? A TNT Kwik Sew 2694 empire waist wrap top in cream with long sleeves and watermelon with elbow-length sleeves. They are in the hemming stage, and I will re-thread my serger this evening for coverhemming when I boil some pasta–got the idea from Sew Fun. Now that I have two adorable toddlers underfoot, with the youngest at the truly curious and getting into mischief stage, I used Sew Fun’s tips for sewing for busy moms: After 4 tries with a hyperlink that won’t work, there is the link!

Take advantage of little windows of opportunity to make incremental progress on a favorite sewing project. For example, got spaghetti cooking? That’s 9 minutes, you could have a quick sit and sew the side seams on some toddler pants…There are many windows of sewing opportunity through the day if you just look for them. You need only get Zen with the fact that its going to take a bit of time to finish. Set realistic goals of accomplishing one or two small steps per day. By the end of the week, you’ve have a completed project. How good will you feel then?!

However I really must be more vigilant as DS put fingerprints on the (flatscreen) TV yesterday. Eek. Wish that thing were wall-mounted to remove the temptation!

I have never sewn a jacket before and with a 48h work week ahead of me next week at my present job, I’m not very motivated to do it now. Changing jobs is one of those life stressors even if it’s what you want. So to honour the process and take off the pressure, I’m going to buy a beige trouser suit and a nautical striped navy & white jacket to coordinate with my existing navy skirt suit and call it a spring working wardrobe capsule. Spring fashion’s reliable themes are nautical or safari, is there anything else that you have noticed over the years? I usually steer clear of navy because it’s in my palette but not the prettiest neutral on me since I have green eyes, not blue or brown. But I say what the heck this time! I can do the nautical theme just once. I already have the navy suit and this just clinched it. Besides I have to water down the safari look as patch pockets over the bustline are not a good look for me. It was time to go navy 🙂


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