Cloth diapering replies

Lara wrote:Hi! I hope you don’t mind that I followed the link to here from your response post at I am getting things ready to start my stash of prefold diapers, and reading your comment about the changes you made, I just wanted to ask how the prefolds with the pockets worked for you from how you described you made them? I have read that with a newborn, I really won’t need to add any inserts, but I figure if it will be necessary relatively soon I might as well learn to sew them that way at first since I am not very crafty anyway.

If I could press my luck with questions, I’d like to ask one other….another website suggested making the newborn prefolds larger and said folding the extra cloth in the back down would allow room to grow. I’m curious if you agree that this would not pose a problem?

Hi right back! Glad to see you here, and like most CD advocates I’m delighted to answer questions 🙂
I think newborn prefolds with a pocket insert are a good way to make them quick-drying for those of us who air- or sun-dry. If you plan to use a dryer then stuffing pockets might not be worth the couple minutes of extra work. It’s true, NBs have very small interiors and will hardly wet or soil at all. La Leche League’s guide to counting nappies to check if baby is getting enough says that a soil stain that is the size of an ‘OK’ sign with your fingers counts as one poo. Mothers who use disposables are advised to put in a tissue to see if their NB actually wet a diaper since the nappies are so absorbant. Truth is, you don’t really need a pocket to increase absorbancy. You can fold in, say, a cloth wipe or tea towel and lay that right over the nappy to increase absorbancy for overnight. Stuffing an extra ‘doubler’ or insert into a pocket doesn’t make a nappy any better than one with an insert put over it.

Yes, many people use prefolds that are quite long and fold down the extra in the back while the umbilical cord is healing. For girls, keep the fold in the back but for boys fold down in the front since their urine stream is more focussed.

I would decide which size based on what kind of outer waterproof/water-resistant shell I was going to put over it: what kind of cover. Are you planning on folding a prefold into thirds, then laying in a velcro wrap-style cover and putting it on? Something like a Bummis Whisper Wrap (so I’ve heard, I’ve never used one or seen one in person). You’ll want to choose your prefold size with the cover in mind. Or are you planning to independently secure the prefold with pins or a Snappi, then pop a cover over? In this case the length of the prefold isn’t as important, but you want to keep all the prefold inside the cover or some liquid can leech up and out of the cover, onto clothes.

Prefolds of any size generally keep their value very well because you can use those that become too small as burp cloths and as cleaning cloths.

HTH, Lara!

HappyinAsia wrote: Hi Katharine, what kind of disposables do they use at the creche? They sound totally nasty, but mostly it sounds like they don’t change them often enough. I use them with my girl and got 4leaks in 8 months and no diaper rash whatsoever. The diapers we use are fragrance free, but I was surprised to open a bag of canadian Pampers and smell heavy baby powder fragrance (was the first and last bag!)
Hi there HappyinAsia, I’d say you’re right, they don’t change them often enough and rely on heavy use of rash creme to keep rashiness in check, but DD got her first nappy rash in the hospital on Day 3 so I think she’s just susceptible to skin irritation.

Ick, a strong smell of baby powder sprayed into nappies! Yuck! What are you using, then?

She had 4 mosquito bites recently that were very close together and she itched them even with a soothing homeopathic anti-itch gel over them for days. The whole area puffed up and it looked like an allergic reaction to a spider bite, but there was just one prick in the bite and I killed the mosquito trapped in the mosquito net myself. I also get bumps and itches at the slightest… She’s had eczema for over a month, could be her skin is contributing to it.


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