Second trimester speed

I’m at exactly the halfway point in this pregnancy (nope, don’t know the baby’s sex). I’ve been cleaning whenever I had energy spurts for the last three days. Suddenly, after a long dearth of sewing 3 maternity dresses have materialized! I had a friend over for dinner and made a lot of Korean side dishes. I got up early to make breakfast for the whole family this morning. *Yahoo* the first tri doldrums are over!

Just in time too as the typically feminine urge to improve the house has cropped up. I want to regorganize my command centre: the designated bathroom where M has her baths, gets changed, and her clothes are stored within the changing table. (What a luxury it is to have two sinks and a bathrub an arm’s reach away from a changing table instead of changing in another room!) Her cloth nappies are in wicker baskets underneath the bathroom cabinetry. Those two baskets fit the space perfectly but they have no more space for the smaller size lot that the LO#2 will need. Also the hanging baby laundry bag could use some improvement.

Oh, M is saying she’s awake now and ready for breakfast!


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