Back to school

I’m so excited! I start work again on my birthday, Monday 13 September. I’m a teacher, so it’s back to school 🙂 I put a countdown timer on my browser homepage. Were any of us excited to go back to school as kids? My parents were certainly ecstatic for back-to-school, but was I?

I long for a new tartan plaid skirt, pencil box, and a new lunch box! But now that I’m a grown-up that’ll mean a bias-cut plaid or a wrap & kilt-pin style instead of pleats. Unfortunately I only have a red-black-yellow classic tartan that is not in my colours at all. Nothing I wear with it will flatter me, and let’s wait for a paycheck before buying more fabric! If it were in DD’s palette I’d make her a pinafore, but she’s ‘warm’ like her parents are. Food storage in a Lock & Lock box, make that lunch and dinner boxes since Tuesdays and Thursdays I finish at 8pm. I’ve been making meals for the last month inspired by for practice. Pencil box? Hmm. I don’t know. We can skip that since I’m slowly putting together a new sewing desk, starting with a side drawer set to keep curious little hands away from sharps and strings. I *love* my new desk 🙂

Oh, and my bike is back in working order! Back to bike commuting! That’s a thrill. I had to buy a new bike seat and stem because mine were stolen from our building’s underground bike parking area, access limited to keyholders (rolleyes)–probably people who moved out.

The rest of the afternoons this week I’ll be accustoming my daughter to the communal crèche (daycare), which is ten minutes’ walk from home.

DH updated our skate video to add some music… here’s the new version. THIS is the new exercise equipment, a Chariot child carrier, I promised myself after completing my workout challenge.


2 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Yay!! School! M. will love daycare, all those other babies to roll around on the floor with!

    I wish I lived close by, I would totally trade you some brown plaid wool for that naughty Not-Warm wool. I’ve been hanging on to the brown for TLo on the off chance she let’s me make her clothes when she’s older (or I manage to teach her how to make her own clothes). Too bad!

    • We’re going in to the crèche this afternoon for the first day (out of 4) of acclimating M to it.

      TLo is similarly ‘warm’ in her colouring (I must not have written very clearly) so she wouldn’t look good in this cool-tone red plaid. But it does happen to be a light, light wool blend with (eeee…) poly mixed in, although I can’t feel it. Will probably notice static cling if I make it into a skirt. But I would love some brown tartan wool!

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