Two-piece dress all gone awry

Oh no. I’d been hoarding this cotton-lycra deep jade green fabric a long time. The OOP Simplicity 4020 kimono-style wrap top looked like a perfect go for it, in jade for extra Asian-ness. Out of the bazillion reviews on PR for this top I started thinking it was too high-cut on the neckline for a good breastfeeding top, but then I thought it might just have been sewists who made it more prim than I’d made it. Mistake #1: they didn’t cut the neckline or binding any differently than I did! Mistale #2 is that I sewed in clear elastic on the outer edge of the neckline, which, when pressed (groan) ever so lightly and quickly but then the baby distracted me for just one second, and that left melt marks which look like a stubborn make-up smear. Mistake #3 is a pre-mistake 🙂 I had planned to try a muslin in leftover yellow, but didn’t had nearly enough, so I went for the green as I’m pressed for time anyway with a baby.
My matching skirt has jet to be hemmed so you’ll see the edges sticking out, but together with the top it looks more green than Kermit 😛 so I’m just leaving it. On its own? Now I’m sure that solid-colour knit skirts really don’t do anything for me, period. They must be prints, in a dark colour like two previous brown prints I made from the same pattern.
I’ll add photos when my photographer returns home.


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