Sewing machine: back on the job

Yes! I found a missing pattern that was ‘stored’ outside of the stash: KS 3032, the oldie but goodie. I see I posted a review for it in 2006. Um, some unanswered questions in the comments section, whoops.
This skirt was donated to charity when I moved out of Taiwan, but I have a brown rayon jersey African print that’s calling my name. I have just one metre of it exactly, and the pattern calls for 95cm so I should be okay.
I’m pretty excited to (1) be sewing (2) for me, not for the baby (3) to have something to wear other than too-big maternity pants! A skirt with an elastic waist is perfect, as I won’t have to take the time to interface a facing and insert a zipper. Yes!

I’ve been doing nice, moderate exercise and eating a little healthier food choices all week so I took a deep breath (exhaled thoroughly) and tried on pre-pregnancy trousers, size 38. My 8h/week bike commuter size.
The pant legs fit! True, my first thought when I saw them in the mirror was ‘Aerosmith’ but there’s nothing that will dampen my spirits that I’m actually wearing normal pants without an elastic waist and maternity panel. So between Madeline feed times I unpicked the back crotch seam and let it out for all it was worth. And now, the closures sort of work! There is no muffin top!

Miss Madeline calls again ‘eh, eh…’ Meal time!


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