Fitness post-partum

Fitness hasn’t been a topic for me in ages, since a couple of years ago I lost a lot of weight via the Divorce Diet (had no urge to eat). Then I lost even more and kept it off by being a bike commuter, greatly aided by the fact that my work was clear across town, 45 minutes away by pedal. Now that M is here, she can’t go on a bike or in a bike trailer before she’s one. Okay!

Madeline has been doing a stellar job of transferring my energy resources to her, but alas, there remains a few issues that, in all honesty, are probably caused by eating like I’m still on my bike 8 hours a week. Being married to a tall, athletic Belgian has fantastic perks but not for losing pregnancy weight. He keeps chocolate around the house and eats it daily. Then I do too.

For the past two days M and I have been taking nice hourlong strolls around the park with her in the baby scarf. It’s wonderful, but she gets restless for food around 40 minutes in, and I walk verrrry slowly.

So… I pulled out my old DVD fitness videos and have been hanging around Video Fitness’s forum. In March I did half of two of my old fave step workouts and they were tough. It wasn’t just the cardio intensity, I actually felt my lower core muscles couldn’t hold me in as well as they used to. It must be separated abs. Anyway, working out at home was put on hold for 3 weeks while we had visitors (translation: too many witnesses to see me hopping around in the living room). I am terribly relieved that there is no reduction of breast milk if mothers work out to moderate intensity. Aha, I found the study: Breast-feeding mothers can exercise: results of a cohort study.

So after a *marathon* feeding session to top up Madeline, I did an old fave, Rock Steady Step. I haven’t done it in about 5 years but I vividly remember working out to it in my old flat in Taipei. Two nice surprises: on the large wool rug here I can do higher impact than I could on my very hard linoleum over cement floor in Taiwan. Secondly (da-da-daaa-DA!) my abs have healed more since my my last step workouts three weeks ago! There was no alarming twinges when I twisted and turned. So I finished up with steps 1 and 2 of Postpartum Abs.

Lifting weights would be great and I’d lose weight faster on it, but I’m not ready for it yet. The site above says that nursing mothers should start out slowly with lifting weights, esp upper body training with repetitive arm movements. Okay–for later, esp since my abs are still weak.


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