Baby vaccines

Hi, still alive over here! Just busy with baby and non-sewing things.
But if you’re still reading, here’s something that’s been bugging me lately now that Madeline is coming of age to get her shots (that’s ‘jabs’ if you speak British English).

It seems like a certain vocal number of people are making serious medical decisions for their child based on… I’m speculating, okay, but it looks like it’s based on internet research. That really ticks me off. Who would make medical decisions based on talking over the phone with a stranger? That’s the equivalent of a lot of internet websites. You don’t know what the expertise of this person is, their vested interests, etc. Let’s face it, a lot of people use Wikipedia as a resource. I can write on my website or in Wikipedia that the world is shaped like a taco! Just because you see something on a website or in Wikipedia does not make it true. I think today’s Western parents live in a priviledged situation where they hardly know anyone with a serious, vaccine-preventable illness. Just ask grandparents though, they knew people who had an Iron Lung or were paralyzed from polio.

The AskDrSears website recently published about the separate MMR vaccines no longer being manufactured, children have to get the combo shot or nothing. Some… ‘reader’… commented that ‘your beautiful breastmilk’ would prevent getting major illnesses. Huh? Not so long ago, breastmilk was the only food option for babies, yet childhood illnesses got around, made kids sick, and tragically, some died. I can see the non- or partial-vaccination camp’s point about being concerned over MMR combos, which are the only combo vaccines of live viruses that are given as a blanket recommendation to children. It would be nice if the vaccine were sep once more, so the babies who receive the shots have some time for their immune systems to work up a full response and avoid getting overloaded.

Fear-mongering really upsets me. It’s playing with other people’s lives. Babies, who are unable to reason, speak, or advocate their own wishes, who are being put at risk. Because of… sheesh. No scientific evidence to support not vacinnating. I understand the vocal group who doesn’t want to inject mercury, a preservative in combo shots, into babies whose brains are developing. Right. The US and the EU don’t permit mercury vaccines to be given to children anymore. But the gossip lives on that mercury is in vaccines.


2 thoughts on “Baby vaccines

  1. Girl. You are so right. Don’t get me started. I find it totally interesting that (for example in the case of vaccines purportedly causing autism) the only research supporting this was (supposedly) performed by THE GUY MAKING THE ALTERNATIVE VACCINE and has been completely debunked. But you still hear people ranting on about not giving the vaccine because “it’s a fact” that it causes autism. That one makes me nuts. They never seem to quote statistics about how much more sensitive diagnostic techniques are now, not to mention awareness. Or all the other environmental conditions that might be contributing.

    Oh good grief, like I said, I’d better not get started. I can understand wanting the best for your child, but buying into internet fear-mongering does not constitute real in-depth research.

    Meantime, yay Maddie!! Big enough for vaccinations!

  2. I agree! Unfortunately, a lot of people have this mentality when speaking about other important things, like politics or healthcare reform!

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