No baby sewing this spring!

Tini sent me one of the lovely salmon pink baby tunics she made. It’s gorgeous, and the warm pink looks beautiful on Madeline, who inherited warm colouring on both sides of her family. She blossoms in it, and all the more to me because Tini made it (pregnant!) with love. While pregnant with twins, bless her! How does she do it? I used to fall asleep at the dinner table when I was expecting Madeline. It must be that glorious second trimester action.

Beangirl sent me a surprise too–Big 4 baby patterns! I’ve mentally sewn them all, and have hit upon anticipated snags along the imaginary sewing process. I tend to dramatize these stumbling blocks/learning experiences, probably to give myself an excuse not to sew for a while.

But then the big excuse came not to sew for a while: my brother came for the baptism last weekend, bringing a duffel bag of baby girl clothes from his adorable children, ages 1, 3 and 5. Two are girls so there is plenty of pink stuff to help friendly supermarket conversationalists know what to say. Madeline has been wearing the goodies ever since. We love them! There’s something truly special about wearing clothes from your cousins. I adore dressing her in these cutie-pie duds, and thinking of my DSIL snapping snaps with love just like I do.

Hey, that’s another weird thing for the expat American crowd: American baby clothes are much, much more cute than what’s available here, even at higher-end baby stores. The aesthetic is really quite different. For example, we got a cute, naïvely drawn mouse appliqué dress from a friend here, and my brother gave us an outfit with a watermelon motif and embroidered ants dotting the hem. Laughably cute! Also the Carter’s baby clothes are easier to sort by their clear age labelling.

We’ve got to go to IKEA soon and get a wardrobe for her, her clothes are piling up! What a blessing too, because baby clothes are expensive.

Welcome to spring, everyone! And many thanks to everyone who has ever given a gift of baby clothes.


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