Another growth spurt finished

Oh, it was tough, at least every 2 hours for 30 hours straight. At least it’s over now. Squeamish? TMI alert, move on.

And something to celebrate: after 3 doctor visits, I finallt got diagnosed as having a thrush infection related to breastfeeding. I’ve been asking the docs and sage-femmes for all 3 visits, could it be thrush? I have all the symptoms, and Madeline’s tongue is whitish too. Finally I got medicine for it. After weeks of painkillers. It felt like broken glass being pushed from my chest, around the side, and coming up under my shoulder blade. The pain was so bad… there were a few moments my socks creeped up my ankles… Someone on a forum said she’s rather go thorugh labour again than have a thrush infection, which I think is exaggerated, but it was grueling. The worst pain I ever remember having in my life. I didn’t, for the record, progress into real labour as Madeline was a c-section birth for medical reasons.

Turns out people with Reynaud’s phenomenon, like I have, have a greater chance of getting thrush. Who knew? I’m just glad that the pain is beginning to resolve on its own without painkillers after having it for 5 weeks. The symptoms began in the hospital, and certainly that’s where the beast started as my nipples cracked and that let in yeast. Also little Madeline had a fungal diaper rash from those horrid disposable nappies at the hospital, just 4 days after birth.


2 thoughts on “Another growth spurt finished

  1. “Turns out people with Reynaud’s phenomenon, like I have, have a greater chance of getting thrush. Who knew?” I did NOT but that explains a lot. At least my midwives were pretty aggressive about diagnosing thrush, so I didn’t suffer for so long. It is BAD NEWS. I’m glad to hear Maddy’s growing tho! Yay!

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