Not colic–phew

Beangirl said,

“Colic age is usually 1-3 months, so you’re entering The Colic Zone.” I know. I put my fingers in my ears and said ‘there’s no such thing as colic’ three times, and magically enough, little Madeline-Anne slept like an angel last night. PHEW! She is currently in dreamland, making little baby noises, propped up slightly on a pillow on the living room floor.

Beangirl, I am definetly trying this next time she bicycles her legs and squeals in pain. Poor little thing!

“I have a solution. A really good one. It’s for adults and babies alike, which my father taught me after poor TLo screamed and screamed for what seemed like hours (she had terrible colic, but she was a bottlefed baby and continues to have digestive issues). So here’s the fix for “Gas That Won’t Move” as taught to me by a certified gastroenterologist (and why they don’t teach EVERYONE this trick is beyond me):

Lay the baby on a soft mat or you can try your lap (a flat surface is better). ROLL her onto her side and then gently pat her tummy for 1 minute. Now ROLL her over on to her other side and repeat patting gently for another minute. Repeat this rolling and patting for up to five minutes and then you can pick her up and try standard backrubbing/patting for burping. This works wonders most of the time. The rolling motion and patting is key to moving the gas through the system. This also works wonders for adults, which is what my dad teaches to his patients that have gas issues. We just experimented on TLo to see if it would work on babies and most of the time it did! Good luck!

Or, quit eating jalepenos for lunch. Whichever.”

I remember a yoga pose that from Light on Yoga that was called the ‘wind-relieving pose’. Yogis ate a lot of dahl and had their share of wind too. You lie flat and pull one knee to the chest, alternate as needed. Once as a vegan teenager I was ‘mortally terrified’ of having a fluff while trying to impress a guy. I did this pose standing upright in the (‘toilet’ as it’s called here, ‘restroom’ in the States) et voilà! It works standing up too!


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