Sewing… for me?

Can you hear some disgruntlement in that? I can. Well, the good news is yesterday I actually sewed for the first time since Madeline arrived one month ago 🙂 It was sewing for her, and under the category of The Never-ending Collection of Rectangular Flannel (see 36 nappies, 50 cleaning cloths, and now these burp cloths). I was changing the shoulder nappies/burp cloths I made with the intention of snipping the edges to give a cute raggy look into a turned-and-stitched nappie with enclosed edges. I never snipped the edges of the shoulder nappies, my scissors need sharpening and I’ve had other priorities with a newborn; but there were icky strands of flannel *everywhere* in the house. They must have grabbed on to other clothing and dropped off elsewhere, like hairy seedpods. Flannel strings in the hallway. Flannel strings under the drying rack, like pine needles from a shedding Christmas tree. Flannel strings sitting on bona fide nappies. Urrrrgh! Luckily little Maddy has regular, long morning naps so I took care of six of them.

Her baptism is coming up on 20 March. Someone on a breastfeeding forum recommended wrap dresses with nursing camisoles underneath. Aha! I just ordered the famous Diane Von Furnsberg wrap dress from Vogue patterns, and bought a pair of nursing camisoles at H&M on Saturday. BTW, they are size M which fits fine throughout my post-baby figure where my usual bike commuting is forbidden (I used to wear a small); but… they are so small over my 36/80D bust that my decolleté is aggressively popping out of them! I mean, that bust size isn’t enormous for someone wearing a medium. C’mon, H&M!

I need to stop whinging and actually pull out that wrap dress pattern and trace. I do hate that part about wrap dresses. The pieces are enormous, although this version seems to have a waistline seam.

Speaking of cleaning cloths, although I have 50 I almost ran out yesterday, so I’m thinking of making a few more, but that’s sewing for Maddy again.

I kinda feel guilty about sewing when I Could (or is that Should?) be working on something for work, even though I’m on maternity leave.


One thought on “Sewing… for me?

  1. well I think you’re nuts if you even think about thinking about work. so there. clothes and cloths are a whole other thing and very useful.

    And btw, a 36D is totally and completely humongous according to people who design and manufacture clothing. They are of the opinion, just like sewing pattern designers, that B is normal. They’re smokin’ crack, but it’s what they think.

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