Madeline photos :)

She just *luvs* her baby carrier, and truth be told it’s the best €32 investment I ever made! Just perfect for around the house and excursions around the block. She is so much more clam inside it and outside of it for the rest of the day (and night) once we started carrying her. Her father is just crazy about it. He wears it at the dinner table 🙂 too cute!

Thanks to Åsa for prompting me ever so gently to take more newborn baby pics. I took two yesterday–these two, in fact, and they did turn out cute. More photos are on the little 8-pic gallery I just started on Picassa–Madeline’s photo gallery


5 thoughts on “Madeline photos :)

  1. Sorry, yesterday I posted a loooooong comment on Maddy (sorry) and taking photos and just about everything, and then because I didn’t put in my email address it got deleted. I just couldn’t bear it. So YAY! Maddy (sorry) photos and keep taking them!! You will NEVER regret having tons of photos of your babies, trust me. 🙂

  2. What a lovely baby!!! Take more pics, she is changing so fast, you’ll be happy you got memories of her when she was itsy bitsy! Please take some of you together also!!! Such precious moments!

  3. Hi, ConnieBJ from Patternreview here! Congrats on the gorgeous baby! We became grandparents on the 23rd of Jan, so “our babies” can almost consider themselves twins! Yes, yes, take lots of photos.

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