Flannel prefolds review

Ta-da!!!! Finally my little tester is out and about, and she has been dilligently providing plenty of nappy practice for her parents. Good girl! I have it down to less than 5 minutes, in and out of the bathroom changing area.

Cloth diapers are working out fantastically. Naysayers warned ‘they’re too hard’ but on the contrary, neither D nor I can fathom how parents slog around big packs of nappies, and run out to the store, and then there’s taking out the trash a lot more often too… it’s far, far easier to run a wash cycle and hang out the laundry than to deal with disposables.

The newborn-6 mos. size is good on her. She’s 48,5cm as of Monday at the pediatrician’s. However, I fold down the front a bit to keep it from chafing her belly button. Otherwise, she gets a little bit of dried blood in her navel and complains slightly when I rinse it off at nappy changes.

Flannel is soft, but the centre soaker pad is a bit stiff from all of those layers. That’s not necessarily bad, as the stiffness provides plenty of air to her little tush. Madeline had a fungal diaper rash by the time she was 4 days old, in hospital Pampers. It cleared up here at home with the cloth nappies, knitted wool diaper covers from Disana, and a bit of zinc oxide-based nappy cream. Zinc oxide isn’t recommended for CD, and it has made a few cream-coloured stains, but her health and comfort are more important than some CD! Our pediatrician said he was in flannel nappies when he was a baby, and they are soft enough. However. DH made a ‘useful’ comment the very first day that the nappies weren’t soft enough for her, he has memories of the softness of his own cloth nappies, these are sub-standard… Gotta love that man. Well, flannel was all I could find, and buy. I can’t find birdseye twill cotton, bamboo or hemp at local fabric stores, and I darn well wasn’t going to shell out €€€ for those fabrics online if the CD experiment didn’t work. It’s working now, so if I locate the fabric, and the time!–I would make some more. Seems to me, though, it’s a good idea to make a wardrobe of nappies and try a few other styles to round out the selection. We bought two fitted nappies to test-drive the style, but haven’t used them yet.

Those knit wool covers take FOREVER to dry–at least 3 days when they’re lanolized. I fixed that by running them through the spin cycle before air drying, so they now dry overnight like everything else.

DH is okay with the prefold and pins setup, but he would prefer a Snappi-able fabric if not built-in Aplix or snaps. I think he’d also like a fitted nappy, with elasticated back waist and legs. I am not going to use Aplix (heavy-duty velcro) because it makes diaper chains in the washing machine.

The removable soaker pad was a great idea, because they do dry faster that way. Madeline is only two weeks but from the dampness overnight, I can foresee the need to add some terry towelling doublers/inserts to increase the absorbancy. DH will have to identify old towels for me to cut up.

Cleaning: every other night, first a rinse cycle of 16 minutes, followed by a 60C cycle with 1/3 the usual detergent called for. The best detergent I could find was Ecover, and Madeline has no reaction to it, so we’re carrying on. Phew! Then they’re line-dried.


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