Two weeks old today

New since my last post–my daughter Madeline Anne was born by cesarean on 27 January 2010. She’s two weeks old today. Here in Belgium surgical births are generally 5 days in hospital, which was a blessing, since the maternity ward team of ‘sage femmes’ (wise women–midwives) are there to teach mothers the basics of breastfeeding, diapering, bathing, and soothing a crying baby that in the past women would have learned just by growing up in an extended family.

I know you want photos, and by rights you should have them. But my usual laziness with the camera is here. I do feel guilty for not recording more moments of her newborn stage, but it’s more interesting for me to spend time with her than spend time with my camera and her, snapping photos, being detached as I think of how to shoot them. Pics will come. Later…

Madeline is a peach, a wonderful baby that her father and I love to bits. We are extraordinarily fortunate to have an ‘Angel’ baby. She almost never cries, full stop. Gotta say that the trend of ‘baby wearing’ has helped immeasurably in this. The sage femmes told me that the more contact she has with her parents or loved ones now int he first 6 weeks or so, the more confident, trusting, and independent whe will become. It totally works, because ever since we got the baby sling she stays progressively longer in her crib while I putz around the house. She’s in her pouch and snoozing on my lap now. Last night–EUREKA! She sleep after her midnight feed until 7 am this morning. Then I fed her, and still no cries at all. WOW. She’s been sleeping 5-6 hours overnight, but last night was really extraordinary. I feel *rested* this morning. Just had to blog about that!


8 thoughts on “Two weeks old today

  1. Congratulations to you and your husband! I’m so glad to hear that you and the little one are doing fine 🙂 What a blessing to have a baby that sleeps through the night, that makes a huge difference for your own well-being.

    I know what you mean about prioritizing time with the baby over taking photos, but I regret a little bit not taking more pictures at the newborn stage because they change so fast! Amanda is already three months old now and lying beside me, “talking” and laughing when I look at her. She’s grown 10 centimeters and 3 kilos since birth!

  2. Félicitations !!! I was just talking about you with Sheila (we met at the paris meet up last year). I am so glad to read everything goes smoothly with your “petite”, again congratulations !

  3. I’ve been checking your blog for the last 2-3 weeks looking for news – stalking might be a “better” word!! Major congrats and a girl child too! I think every mother deserves a daughter! (Hope my son doesn’t read this!!)
    I’ll write via gmail. All the best and ENJOY, Sheila

  4. Consider this more of the relentless pestering I promised. Msg to Bruno: dear and very handsome husband, pick up the camera and take photos of your wife and child so that the rest of us may gush at their beauty!

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