Bath milk review

DH is ‘le chef du bain’ and he gave our LO her first milk bath last night, using the recipe from Rookie Moms: organic baby wash. OK, said this before but I’m not sure why they call it ‘organic’ as there is no organic ingredient called for. Semantics, people! Perhaps they call it ‘organic’ as a search term.

Not wanting to waste a lot of ingredients if the cleanser didn’t turn out right, I just mixed a little by eyeballing the proportions in a glass shaker. The oats are organically grown quick oatmeal, but I didn’t whizz the half tablespoon I used in the blender to make them even more fine. I sprinkled in a little until the bathwater was slightly cloudy. I didn’t add any essential oils, of course.

Thanks to Olivier (‘Pipeau’) and Laureline for giving us an upright baby bath! It had its maiden voyage foray into cleaning babies last night. Wonderful pressie. Plus it’s chartruese green, what could be better?

Plus: Madeline smells fantastic. The best she has ever smelled.
Minus: DH said the mixture clumped. That was probably the cornstarch. Still, I prefer a clumpy bath cleanser to using anti-caking chemicals, and a good mechanical de-clump (sifting!) could help. This morning there are traces on her cheeks like dry skin, but a drop of water showed it was just dried milk cleanser. Huh! Must use less next time. Bruno will figure it out.

Conclusion: going to use it again! Use less to avoid the milk traces effect–use oat flour instead of finely ground oatmeal (blender) & sift together to make the mixture very fine.


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