Nesting instinct: test positive

My due date of the 25th is approaching.  I’ve just finished cleaning the house, after washing laundry, sewing and knitting this morning.  The latter two were, naturally, baby projects.  Frankly, I welcome the rush of energy, and it is cute to relate to cats frantically tearing up newspaper, or birds feathering their nests.

Twenty minutes–why didn’t I do this earlier?–and I now have three sets of DIY nursing pads tutorial with a dart pinned in from my stash of light blue flannel.  I affectionately think of them as doll-sized coolie hats.  Coincidentally with the Asian connection, I cut out the circular shape using my favourite rice bowl to get the recommended 5″ diameter 🙂   I eyeballed how much to dart out, then sewed two layers’ darts at the same time, trimmed to the stitching, and sewed the circles with the trimmed darts on the inside to prevent ravelling.

My local maternity/baby store, Prémaman, sells washable pads with a waterproof outer layer.  Mwah… plastic trapping moisture next to skin.  Hello Candida albicans!  Here is your plastic residence permit, may you set up a happy home here on this red scaly skin.  But perhaps not coincidentally, this morning I just felted wool coating at 60C in the washer, to return to my previously stalled project of sewn diaper covers.

Funny: baby has the hiccups again, and her back is flinching (tiny rhythmic flutters) for the last ten minutes.  She gets hiccups at least once a day.  Once I tried rubbing and patting over her hiccups but it didn’t seem to affect anything.  I should really make more burp clothes, this seems to be her MO!  She takes after her daddy, but my husband says it’s me who has the hiccups (yes, certainly during pregnancy).

Coming up: a drawstring pail liner to make washing diapers and wipes a little easier.


5 thoughts on “Nesting instinct: test positive

  1. both my kids had terrible hiccups all through the last trimester and one actually had hiccups while I was in the delivery suite with the fetal heart monitor. It was pretty entertaining.

    Good plan on the non-plastic nursing pads. What a goofy idea to use plastic. Yuck.

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