Stashaholism confessional


Thanks to the Slapdash Sewist for inspiration for this post’s name.

I just added 5m of cotton flannel, 4m of wool coating, and 1m of cotton jersey yesterday on what was probably a nesting instinct-driven craze of buying for the baby.  Flannel for more nappies and some receiving blankets, wool coating to sew wool fabric diaper covers, and jersey to make another set of playclothes for TLO.  Now I realize I bought the least expensive flannel, which is light blue, and may cause confusion to the general public if TLO is a girl. There are three sleeping gowns and 4 diapers sitting that have been sitting unfinished on my sewing table for a week.

Two days before a metre of gender-neutral printed cotton flannel jumped out at me at the expensive fabric store: receiving blanket.  Then two patterns leapt out at me, including an OOP Butterick €2 one, which is a summer maternity set.  Who even knows if I’ll ever need summery maternity clothes again!  The other was the dress that Gigi just sewed, BK 5313, totally impractical for breastfeeding, and not nearly formal enough to wear at the baptism.  Whoops.  Update: 45 minutes later, two wonky receiving blankets are folded in the under-crib drawer.  Single-layer, serged edges, turned twice in the fingers and stitched without pressing.  Thus there is a wee bit of stretching, but the best project is a finished project. Whoopee!

Double whoops is that I sprung for the New Year’s sale on Vogue patterns, which I have studiously avoided for two years(!), and bought eleven patterns.  Then after the sale ended I saw Gigi’s magic little Butterick number, LOL.

On top of this I’m keeping an eagle eye on the postbox as I ordered 3 back issues of Ottobre in late December.  Plus the new issue is to be released next week.

I think I’m going crazy on ‘house arrest’ as my pregnancy has gotten to the point where I have to rest, rest, rest or I feel awful.  I stopped work mid-week last week and this started antenatal leave 10 days earlier than anticipated (to make a total of 20 days of antenatal leave).  Kind of hard for my pride to swallow as I was a bike commuter who crossed Brussels every day for over a year, then… utterly incapable of crossing the street on foot without a contraction.  Shocker!  But buying more stuff doesn’t help!


3 thoughts on “Stashaholism confessional

  1. Ha, you know I DID tell you that at the end you would be SO ready for that kid to pop out. You just were in second trimester neverland and probably didn’t believe me. LOL That last three weeks is a killer, especially if TLO is late, which first ones often are (I think I already told you The Big One was almost three weeks late, and man was I ready for that kid to come out… plus that extended my antenatal leave from three weeks to six! Yikes! I wish now that I was sewing clothes then but in reality I probably would have been too miserable to concentrate. I recall spending a lot of time lying on the couch in a daze.)

    Here’s the advice I give to almost-new moms: relax and rest while you can. People always tell very pregnant women to “sit down, relax, don’t work too hard, get some rest”. They almost NEVER say that to women with a two-month-old baby who’s been crying for 48 hours. Never. Trust me. Enjoy the rest while you can. 🙂

    PS Good job on the blankets!! You’re smart to get this done now and you’ll really appreciate having your very own-made stuff when TLO gets here. Like I said, I wish I had been sewing clothes when my kids were infants! Too fun!

    • Too true! Back in the second tri I felt so energized. Late third trimester is def Mother Nature’s way of nixing pre-parental jitters. You just get sick of saying ‘oof’ every time you attempt to flex at the waist. No sleep either. Had morning sickness yesterday. Sheesh! But you had 43 weeks? (Speechless in shock)

      Greta way to look at it though, no one is going to tell me to put my feet up and have a nap with a baby crying for eons. Got to do it now while I can–forget pencil, it’s written in stone on my agenda!

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