Sewing resolutions for 2010

Conitue enjoying baby sewing and letting it fearlessly expand my sewing skills.  Baby doesn’t have to dress for success.  There are no critical eyes roving over garments to find faults.  If a snap, a zipper, or a pocket aren’t set in correctly, Baby doesn’t care.  Baby doesn’t mind funny embroidery or wacky details.  Baby clothes finish quickly too, take little fabric–they are really quite liberating!  Funnily enough, the general public doesn’t care about wonkiness either; quite the reverse I think, when I see handmade baby clothes I find the wobbles to be charming.  Besides, I’m too busy looking at that baby face.  Probably everyone else is too.  If not, it’s a bonus when the baby cries in public and everyone tries to avoid looking at her 🙂

Knit a wool diaper cover.  Just began knitting over PR Weekend Paris in November, and on New Year”s Eve I graduated to my first knitting pattern (not a scarf): baby booties.

Learn to crochet.  I heard it’s even faster than knitting, and crocheted diaper covers work too.

Continue stashing/sewing balance.  I had a year to wildly add to the stash and it didn’t happen!  I made stash projects, and actually enjoyed the process of dreaming up ways to use the stash.

Start sewing for myself again, and non-maternity clothes!  Regular clothes!  OK, that might take a while if breastfeeding works out, but I would like a nice skirt or trousers with a zipper.  Make that a fly zipper, since I’ve only sewn one over 6 years(!)  And it turned out fine too, I’m just so easly satisfied with invisible zippers.

Consider sewing for my partner, but only if my skill level suggests he’d be happy with the results.

Like every year: make a jacket, and hats with good brims to provide shade from the sun (now for both me and TLO).  Not sure if I mean it this year or not.


2 thoughts on “Sewing resolutions for 2010

  1. You are so nice and reasonable! I like your resolutions. I’m so excited for your TLO to show up… ooooooo. Exciting! I wish I was there because I am in baby withdrawal this year (it’s a good thing I’m a hard-headed no-nonsense person, or at this point I would be having my own TLO again. I can see why people end up with 8 kids spaced 4 years apart. Baby withdrawal.)

  2. Baby withdrawal? That would be a good thing. ‘Cos I’m in the ‘happy I’m pregnant, but what did I get myself into???’ period. DP set up the baby crib today and just seeing it… eeee… so if Alien doesn’t emerge from my belly, like TLO feels like half the time, it will be human and I’mm have to take it home and then–then what? LOL–not really, but I prefer nervous laughter to the alternative. Guess I’d be an idiot if I weren’t a little worried.

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