Report: Homemade baby & cleaning products best

How about some motivation to make your own baby care and household cleaning products? Like baby shampoo and baby powder, or lemon-juice based glass cleaners. You’ll know exactly what’s in them, the ingredients are usually food-grade or traditional artisanal products like olive oil and lye soap. Hey, I need some encouragement, because shaking watery shampoo that doesn’t foam well at every bath time and trawling all over town for ingredients and containers are turn-offs. Like I need more work with less payoff. But baby stuff is right there on the shelf at the grocery store! And my changing table won’t be full of a wonky collection of spice jars. It’ll look classic and tranquil, right out of a catalogue with matching Johnson & Johnson containers lined up in an orderly row.

So how about this to convince you, or give a loving nudge to a skeptical caregiver? The American Journal of Pediatrics, February 2008 Baby Care Products: Possible Sources of Infant Phthalate Exposure. Check it out, the full article is free to download as a PDF.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting alarmist. I’m just glad to find this article to nudge me and keep my partner motivated in making and using natural products.


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