Ottobre playclothes & more diaper wipes

Here’s the Ottobre 6/07 # 6 wraparound jacket & Ottobre 3/09 #7 Lola leggings, both in size 62, which will be worn over a RTW tee shirt or onesie. The stash has just feminine colours, but if it’s a boy he will wear this just at home. (Re-dying? Ha!) I fussed with the tab fasteners for the first version, in periwinkle jersey. It was my first snap-sewing experience. It’s okay, but a good thing that TLO will grow out of it quickly because my lining-up skills leave something to be desired. But no way was I going to rip out snaps and re-sew just for an outfit whose lifespan will probably be 3 weeks. TLO is blorping around in my belly to show her or his agreement 🙂
Unfortunately sew-in and hammer-in snaps are pretty expensive here. Sure, one could rip out snaps and recycle, but let’s not exaggerate, shall we? It’s why I got interested in two-piece playclothes in the first place, because one-piece rompers need lots of snaps and they add up. It’s cheaper to buy RTW made in sweatshops than to DIY with snaps, now what kind of Faustian bargain is that? So I love this legging pattern, and in theory wrap-style kimono tops are supposed to be good for the early days with an umbilical cord.

Made too many? Nope! Green Mountain Diapers recommends 50 reusable cloth diaper wipes, so I can stop feeling like I’ve made too many from remnants of diaper sewing. I was just hemming up fringed edge burp cloths (tutorial) this morning and found a small pile of 4 wipes, waiting to be serged. There are 30 in the diaper stash already. Oh, guilt for using up flannel like that? Should I be saving the remnants for making flannel baby shoes (pattern & tutorial)? Nope! In fact, as the prefold stash is just 24 in the Newborn – 6 months size, and almost everyone on the Net recommends 36 diapers for a basic stash, I should cut some more diapers, and make more wipes. If that isn’t enough to encourage me, GMD says that fathers tend to use more wipes than mothers do, so plan for extra if Dad is going to take part in changing. Oh yeah! So I rounded out the night by making more and now there are 40 diaper wipes and 30 prefolds on stand-by for January. Flannel’s out of stock in my stash, so next week, incredible as it seems to me, I have to buy more.


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