Baby laundry bag

We interrupt this sewing fest of weensy Ottobre baby duds with a simple, non-annoying, no complicated steps laundry bag. I just folded a piece of vichy check/gingham until it looked the right size, tore, sewed, and ran the drawstring through. Simple. Plans are to make another one in a visibly darker colour to separate any darkish things.
TLO’s clothing is going to be washed with the best baby-safe detergent we can find here, which in fact isn’t detergent, it’s old-fashioned shaved French Marseille laundry soap and glycerin. Just ‘prima’ as we’d say in Dutch. The drawstring top is to toss over a corner of the changing table. BTW, cloth diapers are washed in detergent, because soap can cause a waxy build-up in the cotton fibers and make wetness bead up on the surface and not be absorbed into the diaper.


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