Baby’s wardrobe so far

* 4 pairs of pants from Burda magazine, in size 68 so they are for a little down the road

* 4 KS 3090 sleeping gowns: two completed in yellow, two in salmon pink on the cutting board. All are size ‘S’ for 0-3 months, for around 13lbs/6kg. Calming pastels would be ideal, but I just used the stash.

* 3 white long-sleeve onesies from HEMA, in that 60-ish size range. James at work strongly advised buying long socks to prevent them being kicked off, so I got 3 of the tiniest shoe size and 3 more of the second-smallest from the Cora, as well as a polarfleece romper with feet, Newborn size. It snaps down the center and over both legs.

* On the cutting board: jersey leggings and a raglan-sleeve wrap jacket in yellow in size 62, both patterns from Ottobre. Cora yieled the same style wrap jacket, size 54, but had a *duh* little change to facilitate construction: hemmed at the bottom, but the front edges and sleeves were bound with ribbing. Ottobre has the entire thing bound, including a curved front corner–duh! It would be so much easier to square it off and just hem! Going to do that for the next one, which should by rights be in salmon pink so I only have to thread the machine once. I’m dabbling with the idea of making a KS wrap top in matching salmon pink for my first post-maternity project. Yippee! But I will have to retrace, make a giant FBA to allow for what will hopefully be a breastfeeding figure… I dunno. Don’t hold your breath!

Any advice on whether I really need to make lots of one-piece rompers, or can I get away with a RTW onesie and a layer of pants and a jacket (knit for play, woven for going out) over it? Snaps are a bit expensive here.

TLO is projected to weigh 3.4kg or just about of 7.5lbs at birth. Therefore either TLO needs a few sleepers and 2 sleep sacks for the tiny newborn size. advised to always buy big except for sleepwear. Too-big sleepwear can creep up and pose a SIDS or low-oxygen risk for sleeping babies. I bought two side-snap kimono onesies last night at Cora, but alas, fell victim to the confusing range of sizes and bought for a slightly small baby or a large preemie. Return!

Two neighbours in the building have very young children! One has a toddler and the other is under a year old. IThe toddler’s father already offered to pass along some baby clothes, the other couple might be game too. It’s sunny and -13C here at 10:30 in Brussels, which is frigid. But if I get brave enough, I’ll gingerly get on my bike–yes I still bike very short distances, for 15 minutes max–and head out to the nearby second-hand shop, Les Petitis Riens/Spullenhulp, 2.8km or less than a mile away. Will be on the lookout for baby clothes, and more importantly, wool sweaters to transform into wool diaper covers. Diaper covers are still a missing key ingredient in the cloth diapering journey.

Kristine, I’m using ‘TLO’ as Baby’s internet handle too, for ‘the little one’; but I capitalize all the letters so it Baby won’t be confused with TLo on your blog 🙂


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