Flannel burp cloths

ETA: Midway through the newborn stage it became apparent the distressed edges were a housecleaning disaster. No new mother needs more work, but they left stray threads everywhere. I slowly converted them to turned and stitched edges whenever I had some time to sew. And a year later, we’re expecting #2 in August: where are those 30 burp cloths? I sure can’t find them! LOL

Burp cloths–another humble necessity for a baby. Just like prefold diapers, if you can drive a car you can sew a burp cloth. They’re just rectangles. Easy! At 33 weeks pregnant, I want–I need–easy. 🙂 Yet ‘easy’ is not as easy to accomplish in Belgium as it is in the States. Those who live in big countries with ready access to sewing supplies in stores or online–read on, and count your blessings!

What size should they be? From what material? How many layers are needed? Most blogs (such as A Chelsea Morning’s adorable project) I found used Gerber prefold diapers. I made two dozen of those for my DSIL when visiting Chicago, but alas Gerber prefolds aren’t sold here. In fact I’ve never even seen a cloth diaper of any stripe sold here!

Homemade by Jill’s Peanut-shaped burp cloths with frayed edges + Rocks in my Dryer’s Cute flannel cloths with neat turned & stitched hems. Two layers of flannel! Progress made! But whereas she found quirky prints, all I find is solid-colour flannel. The same plain-Jane flannel as previous cloth diaper and wipe projects, not cute, and unable to easily differentiate from diaper goods at a glance. Jill used thin quilting batting between layers, which is lovely but I haven’t found it yet in Brussels. Ergo: double layer flannel à la Rocks in My Dryer, frayed edges from Jill’s tutorial.

The 64″ width of the flannel fabric decided the shape: rectangles, not peanuts, because the resulting burp cloth should provide enough shoulder coverage to perform its function. As a bonus, the frayed hem approach is easier to construct too: cut, topstitch right sides together, and distress the edges. To spruce them up a bit and increase visual seperation from diaper goods, I centred a strip of ivy-print cotton poplin on one side. I approximated the dimensions from both blogs, but my final measurements are the width I could cut and still use the rest of the fabric for something else–more cleaning cloths for diapering, in this case. I’ve got over 30 now!

Homemade by Jill’s blog has a great tip-off for another scrap-busting baby project using flannel: Baby shoes tutorial from Stardust Shoes. Did Jill say ‘whipped out… in an hour an a half’? She is singing my tune!


5 thoughts on “Flannel burp cloths

  1. Wow, you’re really putting a lot of thought into everything! Hope everything goes well for you! And I guess I’ll never take those flannel prints at JOann’s for granted anymore!

  2. I realize you posted this a while ago, but I wanted to let you know that you can find some quilt batting in Belgium at Veritas. I’m getting ready to make some burp cloths, and was not sure where in Belgium I’d find the Gerber’s cloth diapers – I guess they don’t sell them here. I’ll go back to my original plan though to make them out of cotton and flannel.

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