A dozen more cloth diapers

Voilà, a dozen more cloth diapers are sewn, so that’s 24 in total. Extra 8×13.5″ insert rectangles left over are going to become 2 more double-layer cleaning cloths for diapering. Not a scrap wasted!

New parents have enough to do, right? So why bother with a removable insert? Just sew the whole thing up, no? They seem like a good idea in theory. Give your two cents in the poll below 🙂 With an insert the whole diaper dries more quickly, it’s more sanitary with less chance of lingering dampness after laundering that could ripen into a fungal diaper rash, and I can stuff in a cut-up old towel if the Little One needs an extra layer at night to keep dry. Really a good system, but if in practice all that is not really necessary I will sew up the one open end and make an extra dozen so everything can thoroughly dry.

Thanks to Kristine/Beangirl’s + the Vegan Korean’s advice the photo size is now tamed!

On the horizon: Burda 9930 breastfeeding pillow. The pattern is €7 and stuffing/zippers are available from the cheap fabric store, Berger. Whereas for terry fabric and the pattern itself I’ll probably have to go to Le Chien Vert/De Groen Hond. Just checked Prémaman and they charge €50 for the same pillow, and €20 for a spare cover to wash, so that definitely makes a Burda ‘kussen’ (Dutch for ‘pillow’) worth the trouble!

Another planned project: at least 2 sleep sacks, because *good grief* those things are very expensive! €40 or €50 each! All parents have sagely advised me, Always, Always Have One More than You Think You Need. Take a look at this handy tutorial Jan Andreas made on converting a sleeping gown pattern into a sleep sack, plus 1-2 more sleeping gowns to bring the grand total up to 3-4 in the 0-3 mos size. I have a sleep sack pattern from an old BWOF issue, but this idea is much less trouble. Ideally I’d put in a seperating (coat) zipper with the zip at the bottom, so if a diaper change is necessary I can unzip from the bottom, pull up the long trailing hem of the sleep gowns I’ve already made, with elastic at the bottom,KS 3090 sleep gowns and change without the baby getting chilly and waking up too much. Baby is due 25 January! Must get cracking, but these projects have to wait another two weeks till the end of the semester teaching period at work.


3 thoughts on “A dozen more cloth diapers

  1. Hi Katharine!

    Congratulations, I didn’t realize you were sewing the diapers for yourself! You’re very ambitious with all your projects, so I hope that means you’re feeling well 🙂

    That nursing pillow looks like a good, big size – I just wanted to mention that it’s good to stuff it really firm, so that you get good support for your arms when you hold the baby! Mine (purchased) is stuffed with tiny foam balls that take the shape I need.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks Åsa, and congratulations on your new baby! You must be feeling pretty good yourself to be blog surfing 🙂 Wonderful.
      Glad to hear from you because Tini told me you used felted wool diaper covers, am dead curious on your experience with that. Hope you don’t mind if I send you an email! Thanks for the advice on stuffing the U-shaped pillow firmly. Nice to have one that takes the baby’s shape, the stuffing I found is the standard foam bits and bobs which won’t have the same effect.

  2. Hey Katharine – I thought I subscribed to updates to the comments, but I never received any notification so I missed your reply!

    Please feel free to email me about anything! Tini is right that we used cloth diapers with Rasmus (He’s too big for them now and Amanda hasn’t grown large enough for them yet). I made PooPockets with removable inserts of hemp terry (like sweatshirt fabric). The covers I made from PUL, not felted wool unfortunately! I bought all my supplies from Wazoodle.

    Hope you’re still feeling well and not getting too heavy!
    Hugs from

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