Sewing cloth diapers

OK, so I’m really going to finish the second dozen of cloth diapers I have cut out and already began sewing. The diapers are the old-fashioned prefold diapers from this blog site: a double-layer rectangle that’s pinned on the baby, with a narrow centre rectangle of 6 layers to keep the little one dry.

Cloth dipes are changed a little more frequently than the super-absorbing disposable diapers, so I read that a dozen is a high estimate of one day’s worth of diapers for a newborn to six month old, and most parents are set if they have 36 prefold diapers to cover 3 or 3.5 days. That lets one wash the diapers every other day, and have a stock on hand while the wash dries.

Then the real question will be how to get a wool knit diaper cover to pop over those cloth dipes. These covers do the job of the plastic waterproof outer shield on disposable diapers, but they’re still breathable and prevent diaper rash. It’s time to go to Les Petits Riens-Spullenhulp, a charity clothing store, to pick up some old wool sweaters, if they’re still available, to cut and sew into some serviceable but rather less cute diaper covers, or order some from the States from WAHMs (work at home mothers).

This is one of those blog posts that I write just to give myself a nudge till the sewing project is done! Will update when there’s news 🙂


One thought on “Sewing cloth diapers

  1. “Just keep sewing, just keep sewing, just keep sewing sewing sewing… what do we do? We seeeeeew.”

    uh. It’s the Just Keep Swimming song from Nemo. We sing that a lot around here. You know, “Just Keep Walking”, “Just Keep Cleaning”, “Just Keep Marching To You Bedroom And Don’t Come Out Until You Can Behave Like A Civilized Human Being”… you know, that kind of thing.

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