Free baby things patterns

How cute is this? Six easy bath puppets, free from Christy Jones. The basic concept is a ‘gingerbread man’ sort of cutout, with eyes, ears and a mouth (or duck bill) tagged on. I’m a fan of the 3D mouth-type puppet, such as this free knit dragon bath puppet but my knitting is still in its nascent stage. Thanks to Tini, Karin, Sigrid and encouragement from Clare over PR Weekend in Paris!

Does anyone know of a free bath puppet pattern in the 3D mouth style, like the classic thumb and fingers together pose to make the animal talk? Would love one.

Update for another cutie pie: a free baby swaddler pattern in downloadable .pdf form or swaddler in webpage format for newborn – 3 month-old infants. The .pdf file is well detailed with photos, but how nice is it to see clearly male hands making a sewing project, and a baby swaddler at that?

Embroidery Library, the apparent source of this pattern, has lots of free baby patterns too. Happy sewing!


3 thoughts on “Free baby things patterns

  1. So cute! I wish my kids were young enough to use these, but I don’t think they’ll go for it any more. Hmmm… have to mull that one over for a bit. Thanks for the link!

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