Baby mittens

Having no baby around didn’t stop me. This is about the cutest thing that could happen in ten minutes to a scrap of fleece, hitherto ageing in the stash: Update: thanks to advice from Kristine & the Vegan Korean, I’ve updated to a thumbnail size pic 🙂


3 thoughts on “Baby mittens

  1. on resizing the photos? I can do that for you (see your email).

    on the mittens? They are too CUTE!! (and need no further advice). 🙂

  2. Actually you can resize photos in wordpress. I do it all the time, because I’m too lazy to have properly sized photos.

    Basically, you go into the post and click on the picture you just stuck into your post. Two little square icons will show up in the upper-left hand corner of the picture. Click on the postcard-looking one, which is the edit image icon. Once you click on that, you can resize the image to less than what it is now.

  3. Thanks, Kristine and VeganKorean! I got the resized pics from Kristine in my email, must go be good and upload them to Picassa to give it a whirl. VeganKorean, ahhh, it sounsd like you upload photos to WordPress? Aha, your resizing tip would do the trick, I just uploaded one and was horrified at how much memory it took, then I switched to my larger free storage on Picassa. I should give your resiwing WP photos idea a try 🙂

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