Startling resemblance

I like this new tunic from Burda 7588, not in the least bit helped by the fact that it’s so easy. I am still frozen in a jacket-less sewing zone. It bears a hearty resemblance to a Burda 8332 that I already own, bought for the purposes of jumping over said jacket fence. The only difference is the shoulders on 7588 are extended, and 8332 has slits that may be a design feature and function as necessary walking ease, since this version is meant to be worn overlapped and ‘closed’ by an obi belt.

Check out those technical drawings:
Tunic 7588 from the new collection
8332 jacket with sleeves, pattern already in the stash!

It Just So Happens that yesterday I finally had the excuse to tickle the sewing fairy and go to my favourite bargain fabric store by Gare de Midi/Zuidstation/Brussels South Station where I bought 2m of 150cm wide wool, in a classic fall shade of olive green. At €5/m I will be able to cut it with confidence. I also bought a black watch tartan of the same dimensions, but it’s being saved for a bias skirt and matching scarf. Phew, dodged that plaid-matching bullet! 8332 has sleeves and needs 2m of 140cm width fabric for a standard height woman and when cutting standard width allowances everywhere, which I always narrow where possible. However, I am going to alter this to integrate a lot more front panel circumference so that will be a factor.


2 thoughts on “Startling resemblance

  1. Actually, I think I prefer the one that’s already in your stash (which on paper seems like a good thing, but in fact means you would have no excuse to buy a new pattern….) They’re very similar, but I just prefer that one for some reason.

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