Assumed British, no traffic ticket

This is Belgium, and yes I got pulled over on my bike.
This morning I was tooling down my usual bike path when I spotted the construction workers had took up a temporary metal grate where bikes cross over the construction rubble, and the workers were standing on the mound of earth deep in conversation. Not wanting to bother them, and being *just* on time to catch the tram (you can take bikes on the tram), I quickly decided to go ten yards (*cough* ‘metres’) the wrong way up a deserted avenue, no car in sight, and then cross over where the road was already paved. Whoops. The police were there directing traffic, and is his right and his job, he sternly asked me (in French) what I was doing. I admitted (French) right away I was in the wrong to go up the wrong way, it was stupid of me, he’s right. He nodded and agreed I was stupid. 🙂 Then proceeded to instruct me that ‘in Belgium we drive on the right side’ (gesturing). I almost blurted out, ‘oh yes, in my country too’ because I’m American; but then I realized he was letting me go because he heard my English accent in French and thought I was British! Hilarious. For once, being a foreigner was actually an asset, and in connection with national authorities of any country it’s almost *never* an asset to be a foreigner.


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