Cloth wipes for diapering

Because ‘cloth diaper wipes’ is rather vague–could be interpreted as a towelette used to clean off cloth diapers, no?

I whipped up 8 in 30 minutes flat for an expectant mum. They’re double-layered baby flannelette. For a few moments I considered going through the trouble of making the seams enclosed, poking corkers out, turning and topstitching the opening to turn the wipes–then remembered these are intended to do some very humble work. Seriously, no need to overwork or overthink these things!

Being a tutorial junkie and having no idea what size to make, I made 8 x 8 (approximate 20cm square) wipes and in the process discovered why the tutorial author recommended an 8 x 12 wipe for messy jobs. It’s the size that’s left over when you cut the squares out. Very handy! Another website suggested a 6 x 6 size, but I think that was due to owning a quilting square in that size. When it comes down to keeping your hands clean, 8 x 8 won. Plus 20cm is a good width to economically use the fabric that’s sold by the metre here, not by the yard.


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