Cutting out the wrap top #2

Hi, I’m blogging to keep on track: there’s a dark periwinkle single knit jersey wrap top sitting on my ironing board, at least half of it cut out and the rest on my cutting table. Tomorrow, as luck would have it, my class is not in session so I have all day to finish it. This is a follow-up to the daffodil yellow version that is my original wearable muslin. Yes, I know, that in the origin of the sewing term ‘muslin’ there is no such thing as a wearable muslin, but the meaning has changed over time and scores of sewists have accepted it to indicate a first run with a fabric that isn’t too near and dear, intended to be a finished product that’s worn. Ann of Gorgeous Things: Ain’t no such thing as a wearable muslin I fully agree with Ann that one deserves better than second-best for one’s sewing efforts. But I’m realistic enough to know that I have ‘nice’ fabric on hand, combined with a lack of motivation and a desire to test the sewing stages of the whole construction process before cutting into ‘good’ fabric, that makes sewing a wearable muslin a good choice to get me in front of the sewing machine. It could be a regional thing too. Fabric here in Brussels isn’t as cheap as it can be in the States, so there isn’t any such thing as a trove of $1 fabric to test on. And so is the case with my latest periwinkle version, which like the yellow one is € 5/m. I’m adding a broad back adjustment from the lower armscythe to hem as the yellow size 34 version’s side seam swings back to the side, have cut out a subtle upward curve along the bustline curve of the wrap neckline for slightly more coverage (dare I hope it can be worn without a camisole underneath? As a teacher?), and lengthed the centre front another half inch to make the front hem slightly more curved and more flattering, I hope. A friend thinks the sleeves are a tad too long so in the spirit of experimentalism I’ve shortened the sleeves a further 3/8″ / 1 cm.


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