Autumn has arrived

The chill is in the air, and soon Jack Frost will be out again painting windows before dawn. In honour of that, yesterday on my birthday I finished pants number 5 from my trusty one-dot (very easy) Burda pattern. They are in a dark sage green cotton twill, with a subtle tone-on-tone satin stripe that had been mouldering in the stash for two years. It was advertised in a fabric store recently as a Levi’s brand fabric at € 11/m, although I got it at the fabric buyout store for a cheap € 5/m.
You know, this pattern might be getting a little repetitive but there is something to be said for the fabric stash steadily reducing and my closet filling up! Next up is a finewale pine green corduroy. Then I will have not one but *two* pairs of green pants from the same pattern, but at least my stash of trouser fabric will be 100% depleted! Yessss! Uh, I already have plans to hit the fabric store, um, today after I go to city hall to pick up a document. It’s on the way back home, after all… and I can’t wear green pants every day. No. Teaching starts tomorrow and wearing linen is really pushing it! I found a two-dot Burda pattern that I plan to break out and start fresh for the new pairs, although a factory mindset might take place if I get desperate for trousers this week.

Yes I should wear a skirt once a week but I am a bike commuter! It isn’t convenient to change at work, thus…

It was chilly enough last night while touring the Belgian medieval city of Ghent to make me wish I had sewn inseam pockets into my pants. Huh… maybe… on pair nine or something 😛 Meanwhile I felt I did enough extra effort as it were to sew in twill tape around the rear crotch seam. I don’t know if it’s due to biking building up my derrière, or the tilting forward bike position, but that seam shows strain on one other pair I made in linen. As a teacher, you have to turn around in front of an audience as part of your career, and you do not want to hesitate about doing so!


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