Sewing mojo returns

Four–yes, FOUR pairs of pants later, a knit top in a pretty cantalaupe colour is cut out on my sewing table. Today: assembly.

All of my nifty one-dot Burda trousers are linen blends. I had carefully scanned the average annual temperatures published online for Brussels, to determine the wearability of linen before buying fabric for the last two. It looked like the weather would stay warm enough for a bike commuter and teacher to want to live in linen until mid-October. But this is Belgium! No, seriously, the weather is changing and while it’s warm linen weather in the afternoon it’s cool the rest of the day, when I will be on my bike commute. I shivered on Friday night in linen pants, en route to the movie theatre to see ‘Amerikka’. Great movie, by the way!

Showers are predicted for the rest of the week, bringing the temperature even lower. I might have to break out the twill ahead of its end-of-September schedule.

Burda trousers always have a magical motivational effect on me. I will sew those when I won’t sew anything else. You could say it’s like a food you’ll cook or eat when you’re not in the mood for other food. What is your sewing motivator?


4 thoughts on “Sewing mojo returns

  1. Oh my gosh! I can’t belive you’ve been blogging all summer and I didn’t think to check… I checked for a while and then sort of gave it up. And apparently it’s been a while since I last checked. Send me an email, girlie!

  2. And of course, I was so excited to tell you to email me that I didn’t ever make a comment on your post which was “Burda pants?!?! Perish the thought!” LOL I would guess that Burda pants fit you really well, but I shudder at the thought of making any pants at all for myself and Burda pants are the worst of all, they just Do Not Fit. Ah, such is life. I’m glad to hear that you’ve got such a good stash-reducer. I should be so motivated!!

  3. Rats, Burda doesn’t fit you? Oy. Is there a company that does? Palmer-Pletsch patterns? As for pants fit I am blithely unconcerned, compared to our sewing sisters that I deeply respect. If the colour is right, and the length is okay, then I’m fine with it. I tried a fisheye dart once and it helped, but I am not motivated enough to really put in the effort!

  4. Ooo, well actually I did Peggy Sagers pants-fitting workshop a few years ago and it really was informative. I feel I could confidently fit pants on someone else fairly easily (assuming they wanted a classically styled pair of pants and not something jeans-like). I acutally can do it relatively well on me too, it’s just that I look horrible in pants so the result is pretty depressing. And basically with her method, you end up with a sort of pants blank- not really a sloper, what do you call it when it’s a pattern with ease?? I have “blank” stuck in my head – anyway, there’s not really much point in buying pants patterns once you have one of those that fit. Mostly it’s the depressing “oh see what I look like in pants?” part that I don’t like and Burda is the worst because they tend to have very narrow legs. Whereas I do not. LOL

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