Trousers completed!

Gigi came and sprinkled her fairy dust of encouragement in the comments section, eh voilà, she is right as usual. Sewing *is* self-motivating! My über-simple ‘wearable muslin’ linen pants have an elastic waist, so they do look somewhat like pyjamas. The situation is not helped by the fact that I categorically refused to place another obstacle in front of completion and did not add pockets.

But I don’t care! It’s my first major sewing project that is completed in two years! Yahoo! Plus, like jammies they are ideal for lounging around the house. I test-drove them after lunch yesterday on the couch with a book.

Stacy was online last night my time, and we had a good chat. She’s working on a new summer top. Keep your eyes peeled for it later this week.

Naturally, I love my new pants and even the medium blue that I thought wasn’t my colour after purchase (sigh) I have now decided is a shade of periwinkle, which is in the warm colours palette. Thus–it suits me. Funny. Objectively speaking, though, I made a last-minute change to which side was the right side and which the wrong side, and as it’s linen the colours are slightly different on each side. My sewing room didn’t reveal that but a full-length view in the well-lit lift shows them with a warmer undertone. Linen pants are a summer luxury, that is for sure. I’m off to start my next project! Thank God for summer vacation (it started this week for me, although I work on Friday).

Gentle reader, you might want a picture. But this is August in Belgium, practically the entire block is on vacation, so I lack photographers (good friend-neighbours, of course, because I’m reluctant to ask those I hardly ever see to take photos of pyjama-like pants). I took full-length lift mirror autoportraits in Taiwan a few summers ago and they did not turn out well. Forget wearing them to work on Friday and getting a friendly colleague to shoot. In early fall when it’s cooler and I can pop a dress over them to completely camouflage the waist and lack of details, they will be work-grade.


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