Sew-Along at Pattern

Fitting problem solved! PR is running a panty sew-along this month. How hard it is to fit one? Easy. Just use the hip measurement (and waist if you like one that sits on the waist) to choose the pattern. No shortening for petite, adding or taking in darts is implied; unlike a top. Bingo! I must have mused over joining the sew-along for at least a week, while the actual time of tracing the pattern from the magazine insert to trimming the last threads took about 90 minutes in total. So don’t procrastinate, the water’s warm! Dive right on in. It won’t take an hour and a half to make a single pair once you have the pattern ready, it takes far less if you cut several at a time and reuse the pattern several times, like Debbie in Florida has done recently with a classic Kwik Sew pattern. She also provided a tutorial for applying picot edge lingerie elastic–you know, the knickers elastic with a teeny tiny frilly edge that peeps around the edges? Picot elastic. Thanks to Debbie for providing a tute on this, because my turned-and-covered clear elastic technique looks good from the outside, but the inside–hmm… Another reason not to provide a gigantic photo of them! Dale in Hawaii turned out some cute pairs and the non-lace ones look pretty much mike mine, except her clear elastic technique is a lot better than mine so hers can take a close-up.

Dear six or seven readers (or is it just Elise, checking back frequently? :), I don’t think you read this blog to be tortured with a picture of my knickers. Especially since Picassa makes these ginormous photos. I should switch to Flickr or Photobucket like a normal blogger, but I’m lazy. In the meantime, suffice it to say that they fit exactly–I mean exactly–the way my favorite RTW knickers fit and I couldn’t be more pleased with that. They sit at the right spot, and the legs are just the right height. Delighted. Since I was putting the elastic on and not a machine operator paid to produce as fast as possible, I pulled the elastic to within an inch of its life while applying it to the back leg, with the result that they stay perfectly put. There is no backing discreetly into corners and tugging at them. I road-tested the hell out of them too by going to work in them and riding my bike 20k RT by taking a scenic route home. Awesome.

Now, here’s the funny part: I thought I was terribly clever in trying BWOF 7/2008 #124, which is a bikini bathing suit pattern, and a rare duck indeed as it’s a string bikini top and a regular panty-type bottom. Cool beans. Right? Not for skivvies, it turns out. Bathing suits have a transverse crotch seam for aesthetic reasons, while everyday knickers have a front and back crotch seam for comfort. I forgot that part. So while I was on my bike, peddling through Brussels, I would stop at lights and think, ‘is it just my imagination or am I sitting on a seam?’ LOL! Just my imagination, I think, but I kept a goofy smile plastered on my face the whole way just wondering. Too funny!


2 thoughts on “Sew-Along at Pattern

  1. I have to disagree with “No shortening for petite”, at least where wider, more covering cuts are concerned. I haven’t dared try sewing underwear (yet!) but whenever I’ve bought boy shorts or even bikini panties in RTW, they do NOT look like the model’s pair on the cover.

    I’m 5′ and the pair of panties I have on right now are more “mata pasion” than cute, LOL!

    But congratulations with the successful project. I think the idea is wild…and intriguing. I wouldn’t mind a pic but understandably pantie pix are more delicate than bra pix, IMO. Maintenance issues, if you will 😉

    Your 7th reader…

  2. Hi Lakaribane, and love your bilingual FR/EN blog at ! (Waving to the 7th reader 😉 Looking at your blog you look perfectly capable of sewng a pair of knickers. They’re very, very simple, you’ve more than arrived at the skill level. Go on girl!
    I’m also 5′ so you’re right, it’s probably the style that is making up for not needing to shorten. I vaguely remember boyshorts that hiked way up, I see what you mean about them. As I’m a teacher I can’t post any modelled lingerie photos. The horror if my students ever happened along to the photos… Yikes!

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