Tap pants: disaster strikes

At least I did not sew my trial pair in silk charmeuse, cut on the bias, or I’d be more disappointed.
Having lived 5 years in the tropics I know what a mixed blessing tap pants are. They are those wafty little shorts with high-cut legs that women wore as knickers in the eighties, and to me they look vintage. Sometimes they’re called French knickers. They are nice and cool to wear under a skirt but on their own… they are not exactly cute unless they’re done very well. Enter my pair, made last night in a single knit coral cotton-lycra jersey. I made them from this (logically enough) eigthies looking book, Kwik Sew’s Beautiful Lingerie master pattern book. No picture of my project, they are that bad on!!! Uh, I might consider them on a ‘vanity-free’ day but otherwise, they are a NO. Must find another solution because the Dog Days of summer are ahead, bad news for a teacher and bike commuter like me!

Debbie in Florida is also making knickers. A normal, basic panty style like I would have been well-advised to try! Back to the cutting board (if you will)…


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