Cucumber noodles

It’s getting warmer here in Brussels and time to make something other than my dear old favourite, dol sot bibimbap. Thus I pulled out Flavors of Korea: Delicious Vegetarian Cuisine and made cucumber noodles. For one to two servings, prepare the cucumber first: peel and julienne a large (seedless) cuke, then add to a mixture of 2T of rice vinegar, 1T soy sauce, a minced clove of garlic, 3 minced scallions, 2t gochujang (Korean chili paste), 2t toasted sesame oil, a good pinch salt. Let the flavours soak in while you boil the noodles, drain, rinse with cool water, then mound on a platter with the cucumber mixture on top. Serve with a protein-rich garnish of hard boiled egg. I used spelt tortellini as it’s my favourite wholegrain pasta to put in Asian dishes, the whole wheat pastas I find locally come off as very Italian.


3 thoughts on “Cucumber noodles

  1. That looks good! You started eating eggs again?!? Coooool!!!!

    My beau cooks like a God, and he has all the cool techniques to chop/shred/slice/nuke veggies in nanoseconds. I should video his cucumber cutting technique and post it online. I’m not as fast as him but I’m training!!! The secret is in the diagonal cut and making even slices… Easier said than done!


  2. Lucky you!!!! I’ve never met one of ‘those people’ in real life, just seen it on tv. Amazing. Yep, eggs are back on the menu, and yum do post that recipe or send it!

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