Summer bibimbap

Elise in Korea shared her fresh bibimbap recipe in a comment, it’s so good it should be a full-fledged post:

I also like ‘fresh vegetable bibimbab’, which is good for summer: just combine the ingredients in a big bowl and put a lot of cut up lettuce, shredded/sliced raw carrots, cucumbers, etc. Easy and yummy!!!


2 thoughts on “Summer bibimbap

  1. Oh la la! I got my post!!! I’ll find a picture and get a more detailed list of ingredients!
    Gochujang (red pepper paste) is a must for this recipe!

  2. Absolutely! I love gochujang and eat it every day. Problem is the local Asian grocer orders it irregularly and I have just 1 tub left, so I’m scrimping a little. The next order’s arrival is anyone’s guess! It’s been since before Lunar New Year since they had rice cakes, which is a ghastly new low for them, usually they have them in stock.

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