Shek O beach

My friend Gabby and I hiked the Shek O area today. Shek O has the prettiest beaches in Hong Kong. We wandered around the mountain a bit then after a few hours went down to the beach. At one point we were alone sitting in a pagoda and 5 big dogs appeared. Gabby got nervous, she doesn’t like dogs, so we got up and walked down the path away from them, which put us on a new hike route. We had planned to hike the romatnically named Dragon’s Back (mountain) but after this detour we never made it. Instead, we hiked the Hong Kong Trail, which is cool if just for the name. There were very few people on the hike, it was so nice and peaceful.

We saw dozens of butterflies of all different sizes and colors, including a black one as big as my hand. It was 26C when we made it to Big Wave beach at Shek O. The beach has soft sand, perfect to walk in after a long hike (on concrete paths). There were surfers and wakeboarders there and a bunch of French couples. Two people were paragliding over the mountains and beaches.

It was such a great hike, the best so far, I feel just great… my mind is clear, and I’m hungry. I made Korean food for dinner–my favorite.


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