Wicked Game

Things are going alright in Hong Kong, although househunting is still a challenge. My department at the university is really swell, I have a great job. They are going to partially subsidize my doctoral class at the Open University Hong Kong, and I think I just secured my pilot study. Already! It looks like I can access my money, and I got an advance to tide me over while I await the 3-day wire transfer of ‘big’ money from Belgium. I found places to get nice hot meals of stir-fried tofu, vegetables and rice conveniently on campus for under E2. The department *might* have funding to cover my purchase of a Sony Flybook for use during my commutes. Now is that not spiffy? But I don’t have housing yet, that still must come.

Here it’s monsoon season and most evenings there are thunderstorms with flash flood rains. Last night I watched the rain pelt down on the ground, already flooded, silhouetted in lightning flashes and car lights from my room twenty floors above.

Still it’s lonely here, to be abruptly separated from loved ones. The languid sound of the tropics is calling me… This popped into my head and I can’t get it out.


2 thoughts on “Wicked Game

  1. Hi Beangirl! Whoops 🙂 I goofed and didn’t see your comment till now. Sorry! Yeah, I am subletting from a friend on Hong Kong Island till November. Thx 🙂 Alive and riding the culture shock wave. Now that I’ve moved abroad so much I don’t get a long honeymoon period at all, I go straight to denial/disbelief and being downright whiny within days.

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