The last Sunday in Brussels

Last night it was a perfect night, with partly cloudy skies and a temperature somewhere between balmy and fresh. I went to the Grand Place with a friend and saw the Brussels Summer Festival there: a huge stage set up with a live band. It was very cool. Dozens of people lined up on the grand statehouse’s first floor outdoor walkway to watch the concert, with swirling lights washing over them like the reflections of water.
Lately I’m also listening to Depeche Mode, especially ‘Walking in My Shoes.’
My Asian dress isn’t working out very well in linen, which is a suggested fabric. It looks poufy over the bust. Luckily, the color is great on me–chartreuse–and it seems redeemable if made in a stretch cotton. Which I have set aside in the stash just for this dress.
I’m moving to Hong Kong in less than a WEEK! The plane leaves Saturday morning. Which makes me think of being a thousand seas between here and there: my favorite Laura Pausini song original video or.
and the HOT Cuban remix


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