Stevie Nicks Remix’d

I luuuuuuuuvvv Stevie Nicks remix’d; especially Deep Dish’s redux of ‘Dreams’
I heard this yesterday in Amsterdam at Claire’s jewelry shop and I can’t get it out of my mind. I heard it last summer in Arnhem (NL) too at home. Claire’s, you say? Yes, Claire’s! I used to frequent it at the Lansing Mall when I was growing up in Michigan. The store finally made it over to Europe.
Dutch do techno best, IMO; but my friend Bruno told me that Belgium invented techno(!)

From last summer in NL too: I heard a superb remix of ‘Stand Back’ but I haven’t found it again. It was probably just a dj spinning it live on the radio. Here’s a decent remix, tho’

In other news, it’s vacation and I have an upcoming international move (#6) in 6 days. THUS! It’s sewing time again! It would sure be swell to have some new clothes for Hong Kong. Burda 7937 made it back to the cutting board, re-traced to include sleeves (I caved), altered, cut out, and all edges zipped through the serger. Now. Onto more construction. If I play my cards right I *could* be wearing it tonight.
Going to play Deep Dish does Nicks again, for inspiration!


3 thoughts on “Stevie Nicks Remix’d

  1. I search for what I like on YouTube. As for finding new music, that doesn’t happen a lot because the radio stations here don’t really suit, you know? The French stations play all French music (which is cool, but then tedious) and the Dutch stations are few and inbetween with poor reception but good techno… If you’re not in a French or techno mood, woebetide you.

  2. “CLAIRE’S”??? Oh. Wow. I remember going there when I lived in Ann Arbor to buy earrings. And earrings. And, oh, some more earrings. Who’da thunk it, Claire’s in Europe. Very Junior High deja vu.

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