Alterations: that flighty mistress

After all the lovely encouragement from folks here and on PR to not be so self-conscious about my white and not-so-tight arms, I decided to go with th Burda cut-on sleeves. So that left the FBA to tickle with. FFRP recommended cutting off the sleeves and doing a FBA on the slashed bodice. But do I know better than FFRP??? Oh my. I decided to experiment, which is great, but my alteration isn’t going to work and I should just re-trace the upper front and start from scratch since I already cut it up quite a bit.
Re-tracing…. zombie look appears in eyes….

What is more fun than re-tracing? Why, it’s cracking open *another* fresh pattern. It was irresistible to me. I traced a dress from BWOF 2/06, #124 last night. I need to go out to the fabric store now to find an underlayer, because my lovely cotton batiste is very translucent. BWOF’s dress is in chiffon with a nude color underlayer. The model literally looks naked in it, those 2 layers of chiffon didn’t cover a dang thing.

This dress, thanks to the arm friends, is sleeveless and it has a CF ruche detail that will be easy to put in a FBA. Flighty, flighty, flighty; but why punish yuorself for doing whatever yuo feel like on vacation? Yeah, life’s too short.


5 thoughts on “Alterations: that flighty mistress

  1. ooo, that BWOF is cute… but I hadn’t really noticed before how translucent the model’s dress was. Sheesh. Sometimes I wonder about BWOF’s editors. This will be really cute, and sleeveless is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier to fit. Really. If I didn’t have giant sausage arms I wouldn’t ever make sleeves. (And you definitely don’t need to worry over that one!)

  2. No, it’s not messed up at all Kristine!!!!!! I love your exuberance too. Keep it coming 🙂

    I really *should* get back to re-tracing the top and sewing it. Hm. Work starts Monday and I envisioned myself wearing it. Hm. Double hm. I’ve made plans to go in-line skating and ya know what, I think I’d rather do that in the fresh air with decent weather (for once) then sit with the ol’ SM and fiddle around. Definitely not in the mood for it.

  3. Girl, sometimes you have to get out in that fresh air and enjoy yourself. The top will be there tomorrow (or next month or whatever).

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