Kwik Sew lingerie

We interrupt this linen dress to bring you a quickie: I made a virgin pattern, Kwik Sew 3166‘s easy garter belt. Saw it last year at Victoria’s Secret catalogue for US$20. I made it in under 15 minutes. Now, before you ask, there is NO WAY I will post a photo, my version is very amateurish and this type of garment doesn’t immediately suggest a public photo shoot.

The pattern went together just fine. But my satin stitch wasn’t cooperating, and it’s hard to keep such a tiny scrap from waving/warping under heavy stitching. I broke a needle when finishing the edges of the hook, as the metal hook is so close to the edge. I had to hand-turn the flywheel for the rest of the it. I used the satin stitch to convert the matching hook and eye tape from a double one to a single hook & eye. The outcome, at least at the center back, is *ugly* but like Karen Morris said in her Sewing Lingerie book, lingerie is the type of project you can wear and enjoy while you perfect your skills. The notions I bought *3 years ago* on a European PR Weekend in Amsterdam weren’t doing me any good just languishing. And I certainly did enjoy wearing it, it’s fun to wear a garter. Good thing too as I’ll be needing more in Hong Kong where it’s hot and humid.

Verdict: buy a single hook & eye closure to make it.


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