Asian fusion dress–your suggestions?

I just finished tracing Burda 7937 A, the dress. Good news: my salads and exercise regimen are paying off as I lost a dress size since last month!!! I’m now using a 38 as my base for alterations.

Trouble is, how to realize this dress. The CF invisible zipper needs to match the fabric perfectly, and I don’t think a standard zipper would look very cute in this dress so that limits the colors right off the bat. I have 2 colors of zippers and stashed fabric to choose from:
*a dark chocolate linen: worn with dk brown fishnets and screaming for a new pair of matching sandals!
*a chartruese linen with a moss/chartruese pinstriped inset at the waist (coordinating fabric) to winch in the waist

The chocolate linen is just a skosh under the fabric limit needed. I could cut a coordinating facing or piece the facing to make it work. The chartruese version has plenty of fabric.

Then there are the sleeves: cut on short sleeves are super trendy now, but I’m not really sure I will like them on me. I have tan-free arms with freckles and a scar that looks like a smallpox vaccination scar. I am a teacher and I write on whiteboards. I won’t want to wonder if my triceps are waving to the students. One hears this stuff about how gauche it is in Asia to wear short-short sleeves (not really true for Hong Kong). So in all the solution should be to morph on some short sleeves, maybe elbow-length with cuffs to be ’50s and cute–but there’s definitely not enough brown linen for sleeves. Nope.

What’s your advice?


3 thoughts on “Asian fusion dress–your suggestions?

  1. Hey Katharine! I think you should go with the brown linen and cut on sleeves. Check it out and see how you like it. If you don’t you can always make a second dress in the coordinating fabrics and regular sleeves 🙂 Leah

  2. Thanks Tiff & Leora! Tiff, I bought the fabric last summer and so the exact color match isn’t available anymore. Leora, thanks for stopping in! Vivienne at Pattern Review sent me a private message there to say I should go for the cut on sleeves. Alrighty…
    Guess I waffled because I have a summer cold 😦 and it’s doggone chilly here so the idea of linen and short sleeves… (shiver!)

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