Wrap dress

I finished my Butterick faux wrap dress yesterday, with nary a moment to spare before dashing off to work. It was in the recent stash acquisition from the fabric sale the other weekend at Maison d’Oree at Porte de Namur (Ixelles, Brussels); a lovely viscose-lycra knit with a big jungle floral print in coffee brown, taupe and terracotta over a cream background.

I used a 12, and after everything I could have gone done a size and still not used the zipper the pattern indicated. It’s *ginormous* on me and has to be taken in everywhere: shave off MORE in the shoulder (narrow shoulder adjustment), above and at the waist, take out more length at the armscythe and sleeve cap, taper the sleeves and take them up even further. All that taking in says I should just go down another size and do a NSA because American patterns are built for football players. They’re huge–who are they kidding? No one has shoulders that big and the pattern isn’t for use with shoulder pads.

Fortunately, the general non-sewing public just gave me appreciative glances in the dress. 🙂 It’s like Harry Potter and Muggles, no? Muggles don’t see what we see.


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