Beet salad

Exki is a local restaurant that sells fresh, natural foods for the business lunch crowd. You know this type of restaurant. They have a marvelous beet salad that converted me: try it!

Shredded raw beets + rapeseed oil (I use olive oil) + fresh coriander/cilantro snippets + salt & pepper

It’s beautiful to look at too. My at-home version is made from cubed beets bought from the store, because I’m not motivated to peel and prepare raw beets.


2 thoughts on “Beet salad

  1. um… would that be “grapeseed oil”? LOL! Can’t wait to see pictures of your latest dress. Think I’ll skip the salad (I don’t like beets is all, otherwise it seems lovely).

  2. Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s rapeseed oil… hey wait I think that’s aka CANOLA! Japanese recipes use rapeseed oil a lot so it exists. In Dutch it’s ‘kohlzaad olie’ which means it’s a seed within the cruciferous (cabbage = kohl) family. I forgot what it is in French, I’d better look again. I even tried going to the supermarket and matching the English with kohlzaad olie once but there was no English.

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